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Its time to buy plots in GMADA Eco city phase 2, New Chandigarh. The possessions have started and soon prices are expected to go up. All plots are available in resale.

Plots are categorized in the following manner:

Ordinary location plot for sale
Park facing location plot for sale
Corner location plot for sale
Single line location plot for sale
Corner plus facing park location plot for sale
Corner plus facing park and single line location plot for sale
South east facing location plot for sale
North east facing location plot for sale
North west facing location plot for sale
South west location plot for sale

Sizes Available For Sale

  • 100.square.yard
  • 150.square.yard
  • 200.square.yard
  • 250.square.yard
  • 300.square.yard
  • 400.square.yard
  • 450.square.yard
  • 500.square.yard
  • 1000.square.yard
  • 2000.square.yard

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Actual development by Omaxe Developers at New Chandigarh

the smart city

Budget Wise Classification - Residential End Users

For Residential End users (Ready Options) Budget: 30.Lac to 75.Lac

Option 1:

  • 100.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 1, Tentative Price: 30-35 Lac
  • 150.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 1, Tentative Price: 45-50 Lac
  • 238.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 1, Tentative Price: 55-60 Lac
  • 333.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 1, Tentative Price: 67-75 Lac
  • 242.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 2, Tentative Price: 46-50 Lac
  • 342.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 2, Tentative Price: 62-70 Lac

Option 2: 100.square.yard plots at Gmada Eco City-1, Tentative Price: 48-60 Lac

Option 3: 200.square.yard plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price: 65-70 Lac

Option 4:1180.Square.feet floors at Omaxe Silver Birch

  • Omaxe Silver Birch 1180.square.feet Ground Floors at 49-56 Lac
  • Omaxe Silver Birch 1180.square.feet First Floors at 45-47 Lac
  • Omaxe Silver Birch 1180.square.feet Second Floors at 45-47 Lac

Option 5:1616 or 1640..Square.feet Independent floors at Omaxe Silver Birch

  • Omaxe Silver Birch 1616 or 1640.square.feet First Floors at 62-68 Lac
  • Omaxe Silver Birch 1616 or 1640.square.feet Second Floors at 62-68 Lac

Option 6: Omaxe Ambrosia Floors 1550-1650.square.feet, first & scond floor Tentative Price: 65-70 Lac

For Residential End users (Ready Options) Budget: 69.Lac to

Option 1: 200.square.yard plots at Gmada Eco City-1, Tentative Price: 78-90 Lakh

Option 2: 300.square.yard plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price: 1-1.20 crore

Option 3: 300.square.yard plots at Omaxe Phase-3, Tentative Price:90-1.20 crore

Option 4: 1616, 1640, 1680 & 1710.Square.feet floors at Omaxe Silver Birch

  • Tentative Price: Ground Floors at 70-80 Lac

Option 5: Silver Birch 2140.square.feet First Floor & Second Floor at 80-85 Lac

Option 6: Dlf Hyde Park Independent Floors (First & Second Floor) 1885.square.feet at 75-85 Lac

Option 7: Omaxe Ambrosia Floors 1560-1650.square.feet, upper ground floor Tentative Price: 68-75 Lac

Option 8: 300.square.yard plots at Gmada Eco City-1, Tentative Price: 1.20 Crore

Option 9: 400.square.yard plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price: 1 to 1.20 Crore

Option 10: DLF Hyde Park 350.square.yard Residential Plots at 95 Lac to 1.20 Crore

Option 11: 2140.square.feet Silver Birch Ground Floor at 80-95 Lac

Option 12: Dlf Hyde Park Independent Floors (Ground Floor) 1885.square.feet at 80 Lac to 1 Crore

Option 13:475.square.yard plots at Altus Phase 1, Tentative Price:85-98 Lac

For Residential End users (Ready Options) Budget: 1.20 crore and above

Option 1:400.square.yard plots at Gmada Eco City-1, Tentative Price:1.35 crore to 1.55 crore

Option 2: 500.square.yard plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price: 1.45-1.85 Crore 

  • Odd Sizes of 600, 800, 1000.square.yard plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price: 1.80 Crore and Above

Option 3: 500.square.yard plots at Gmada Eco City-1, Tentative Price:1.85 crore to 2.30 crore

Option 4: DLF Hyde Park 500.square.yard Residential Plots at 1.60 Crore and Above

Option 5: Omaxe Mulberry Villas 300.square.yard at 1.95-2.30 Crore

  • Omaxe Mulberry Villas 400.square.yard at 2-2.75Crore
  • Omaxe Mulberry Villas 500.square.yard at 3-3.80 Crore


Budget Wise Classification For Commercial End users (Ready Options)

Option 1: 33.32.square.yard (10x30.feet) Booth plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price:50-55 Lac

Option 2: 33.32.square.yard (10x 30.feet) Constructed Booths at Omaxe Phase-1,

  • Tentative Price without Basement: 55-60 Lac
  • Tentative Price with Basement: 60-65 Lac

Option 3: 33.33.square.yard (10x30.feet) Micro-shops/ Booth Plots at DLF Hyde Park, Tentative Price: 42-48 Lac

Option 4: 111.square.yard (20x50.feet) SCO Plots at DLF Hyde Park, Tentative Price: 1.25 Crore to 1.80 Crore

Option 5: 125.square.yard (16.5x 66.feet) SCO plots at Omaxe Phase-1, Tentative Price:1.55 Crore to 1.90 Crore

Investment options - Budget wise

Residential Investment Options, Budget: 40 Lac to 1.10 Lac

(Under Development)

Option 1: Eco City-2 Land-pooling 100.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 40-45 Lac

Option 2: Eco City-2 Land-pooling 150.square.yard plot, Tentative Price:56-62 Lac

Option 3: Eco City-2 Land-pooling 200.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 67-72 Lac

Option 4: Eco City-2 Land-pooling 300.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 90-110 Lac

Option 5: Omaxe Phase-5 115.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 43-48 Lac


Residential Investment Options, Budget:55 Lac to 1.20 CR


Option 1: Omaxe Phase-2 300.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 80-98 Lac

Option 2: Omaxe Phase-3 300.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 90-120 Lac

Option 3: Eco City-2 Land-pooling 400.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 105-120 Lac

Option 4:Omaxe Phase 5 150.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 55-60 Lac

Option 5:Omaxe Cassia Floors 1725.square.feet, First & Second Floor Tentative Price: 64-69 Lac

Option 6: Omaxe Celestia Grand stilt plus 3 Independent Floors Tentative Price: 65-79 Lac

Option 7: Omaxe Cassia 1725.square.feet Ground Floor, Tentative Price: 85-95 Lac


Residential Investment Options, Budget: 1.10 to 1.65 crore

Option 1: Eco City-2 Land-pooling 500.square.yard plot, Tentative Price: 1.35-1.60 CR

Option 2: Omaxe Phase-2 400.square.yard plot 1.10 CR onwards

Option 3: Omaxe The Lake View Apartments 60 lac onwards

Option 4: Omaxe Celestia Royal stilt plus 3 Independent Floors starting 70 lac ONS

Option 5: Omaxe Phase 3 Plots 400.square.yard 1.20 CR onwards


Residential Investment Options, Budget: 1.50 crore plus


Option 1: Omaxe Phase 3 Plots 500.square.yard plot

Option 2: Omaxe Phase 3 Plots 1000.square.yard plot

Option 3: Omaxe Phase-2 500.square.yard plot

Option 4: Omaxe The Lake View Apartments (Under Development)


Commercial Investment Options, Budget: 22 Lac to 85 Lac

(Under Development)

Option 1: Gmada Eco City-1 10 & 20.square.yard Booth site

Option 2: Gmada Eco City-2 60.square.yard Bay Shop site

Option 3: Omaxe Office Space with 12% Assured Return for 5 years at International Trade Tower INTT

Option 4: Omaxe Office Space with 12% Assured Return for 5 years at Holiday Inn 5 Star Hotel

Option 5: Omaxe Service Suites with 12% Assured Return for 5 years at Holiday Inn 5 Star Hotel


Commercial Investment Options, Budget: 1.40 CRORE and above

(Under Development)

Option 1: Gmada Eco City-1 100.square.yard SCO site at Tentative Price 1.50-2.50 Crore

Option 2: Gmada Eco City-2 121.square.yard SCO site at Tentative Price 1.50 Crore

Option 3: Omaxe Phase 1 125.square.yard SCO site at Tentative Price 1.60 Crore to 2.30 Crore

Option 3:Omaxe Phase 3 125.square.yard SCO site at Tentative Price 1.40-1.65 Crore

New Chandigarh Product Line - Developer wise

Government Projects by PUDA/GMADA

Residential Plots by Gmada are available in resale in both categories:

  • Alloted Plots
  • Land pooling Plots

All Commercial plots are available in Land pooling Scheme only

Gmada Eco City-1, Status: GMADA ECO CITY-1 delivered in 2015

  • Eco City-1: Residential Plots, Status: Ready to Built
    • 100.square.yard
    • 200.square.yard
    • 300.square.yard
    • 400.square.yard
    • 500.square.yard
  • Eco City-1: SCO Plot: 100.sq.yard, Status: Draw for numbers Awaited
  • Eco City-1: Booth Plots, Status: Draw for numbers Awaited
    • 20.gaz
    • 10.gaz


Gmada Eco City-2,  Status: GMADA ECO CITY-2 delivered in 2020

  • Eco City-2: Residential Plots
    • 100.square.yard
    • 150 square.yard
    • 200 square.yard
    • 250 square.yard
    • 300 square.yard
    • 400 square.yard
    • 450 square.yard
    • 500 square.yard
    • 1000 square.yard
    • 2000 square.yard
  • Eco City-2: SCO Plot: 121.sq.yard
  • Eco City-2: Bay Shop Plot: 60.gaz


Projects by Private Developers


  • OMAXE : Residential Plots
    • OMAXE Phase-1: 200, 300, 400, 500.square.yard, Status: Ready To Built
    • OMAXE Phase-2: 300, 400, 500.square.yard,  Status: Possession Started
    • OMAXE Phase-3: 200, 300, 400, 500.square.yard,  Status: Possession Started Partially
    • OMAXE Phase-4 & 5: 115, 150, 200, 250.square.yard, Status: Possession in 3 months
  • OMAXE OMAXE : Low rise residential Independent Floors
    • OMAXE Phase-1
      • Omaxe Silver Birch Floors, Ground + 2( Independent Floors)

Status:  Ready To Move

  • 1180.square.feet: 3BHK+2 Toilets
  • 1616,1640  & 1710.square.feet:  3BHK+2 Toilets
  • 2140.square.feet: 4BHK+3 Toilets
  • Omaxe Celestia Grand & Omaxe Celestia Royal Floors

Stilt+3 ( Independent Floors), with lift

Status: Ready To Move

  • OMAXE Phase-2
    • OMAXE AMBROSIA FLOORS: Stilt +3 Floors (Independent Floor)

Status: Under Construction, Completion 1-1.5.Years

1425. square. feet: 3 BHK+ 2T

Now Increased to 1500.square.feet  Approx.

  • OMAXE Phase-3

1725.square.feet, Ground + 2,  3BHK +3 Toilet + Servant Room with Toilet

2200.square.feet, Stilt+3, 4BHK+4 Toilet+ Servant Room

  • OMAXE : High Rise, The Lake View Apartments

The only high rise project in this area with a 12 Acre  Artificial Lake.

  • OMAXE : Commercial SCO

Both Options Independent Plots & Built-up Floor wise

  • OMAXE : Booths

Both Options Independent Plots & Built-up Floor wise

  • OMAXE : Commercial Office Spaces, Both Options:

Ready Office Spaces at India Trade Tower

Investment/Under Construction space s with 12% Assured Return

  • Omaxe International Trade Tower Office Spaces
  • Omaxe Holiday Inn Five Star Hotel Office Spaces
  • OMAXE : Service Suites
    • Service Suites at Holiday Inn Five Star Hotel
  • OMAXE Mulberry  Villas of 300, 400 & 500.square.Yard


  • DLF Hyde Park: Residential Plots
    • 250.square.yard
    • 350.square.yard
    • 500.square.yard
  • DLF Hyde Park: Independent Floors
    • 1725.square.feet, Ground + 2 Floor with Lift, 3BHK+ 3Toilets+ Servant Room
  • DLF Hyde Park: Bunglows
  • DLF Hyde Park: SCO Plots of 111.square.yard, 20x50.feet
  • DLF Hyde Park: Microshop/booths 33.33.gaz, 10x30




If you are keen and interested to invest in  real estate Chandigarh, than you have reached the right place. It is not easy to find a good property in chandigarh. From the day since real estate chandigarh came in to existence, the authority which got engaged in the development was Chandigarh housing board, which still has its footprints in estate office chandigarh. Many old property dealers are aware about the facts in the past, when the development of chandigarh real estate was initiated by Le-Corbusier  and no one was interested in buying chandigarh housing board, but now when you go to estate office chandigarh, you always see the office crowded.

Similarly today new chandigarh mullanpur has gmada Mohali taking care of  properties and organizing big developers like  dlf hyde park chandigarh (dlf mullanpur), omaxe new chandigarh (omaxe mullanpur), gmada eco city etc.

Do not keep looking for plots or flats in chandigarh only come to mullanpur new chandigarh and see "The Big difference" and improvement in the real estate era.

 Five major key player companies have a presence here and are developing the mullanpur area in coordination with GMADA  Mohali norms:

Many more developers like Pre Innovative Society, Indian Society, PCL Group, Ambika, The Address, GBP, Suntech  etc. also have a presence in New Chandigarh Mullanpur. Out of these developers few are still awaited to show and prove on ground development in the area.

We Anurag Property having presence in this area since inception 2009. we summarize that when it comes to buy and invest your hard earned money. We humbly request you to go for a reputed builders (Omaxe,Dlf, Gmada etc.)  rather than an emerging group which is yet to prove. Of course taking risk is good but only if you are a BIG Capitalist. For further details kindly call Mr. Anurag Malik 9888-88-3886

Your Budget for entering Mullanpur New Chandigarh Real Estate market is as follows:

  • Residential: If you have Rs.50,00,000 budget
  • Commercial: If you have Rs.28,00,000 budget
  • Exceptions: plot in Eco city at 48.lacs, at Altus and Rs.22-23 lac for Eco city booth
  • Otherwise you will merely waste your time

For Further reference we are submitting Mullanpur Master plan with the mullanpur master plan report submitted by jurong pte ltd to gmada Mohali - The Greater Mohali Area Development authority (GMADA).



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